The underwater is a wonderful world, but everybody knows this. Fascinated with the Pacific Ocean, Robbie and Kara Johnson bring to our attention an interesting project that allows us to explore the deep: the Below the Boat wood charts.


How are this marvelous underwater topographic maps built? Well, all starts with a bathymetric chart. The contours are then laser-cut into sheets of Baltic Birch and glued together. The layers are hand-painted in such a way that you can easily discern land from water. In the end, everything is framed in a custom solid-wood frame and protected by an ultra-transparent sheet of Plexiglas.

The Below the Boat wood charts are really stunning. They lift the surface of the water exposing the often overlooked underwater world. For those familiar with the beauties lying in the deep, there’re a wonderful reminder of many interesting views normally hidden from view. For those who see such a piece, the Below the Boat charts are a real eye-opener! They’re a nice decorative item! And a good conversation starter!

These wood charts portray the Pacific Northwest’s volcanic coast, the Atlantic coastline, lakes from all over the American continent, the warm shores of the West and East coasts. You’ll surely find one that matches you and your home!

The Below the Boat collection is continuously growing (you can even come with suggestions regarding what would you love to see).