It isn’t usually very comfortable to handle a bunch of devices in order to activate, deactivate, set, reset and calibrate the different devices in your home. Littlebits comes with an interesting solution, allowing one to control all household appliances using the internet.

Inside the package there are a 14 modules including sensors, players, and the managing device, cloudBit. Also, there are 11 accessories to customize access to devices, such as power outlets. These can be handled through a dedicated AC Switch, available in the Smart Home Kit package.

[adsense300gray]Although it may actually seem kind of tricky to get all these little bits of circuit boards and sensors to work properly, appearances are misleading. With nothing more but basic knowledge of circuits (as in connect the plugs, power the device, click three times and then again for finish) you are done.

Producers seem to take the idea of “manage everything” very seriously; this is why Smart Home Kit can be used to power and manager basically any appliance one might think of. It can be used to open the curtains when the sun rises, to alert when you forget to close the fridge door, to close the garage door, even to start your coffee machine before you wake up.

There are three versions of this product available for the public: the Smart Home Kit, the most feature rich, the CloudBit Starter Kit, and the Deluxe Kit. Each of these kits features different modules and accessories in the idea that the end-user can choose the one suited best for his needs. Choose wisely and control you house, from the internet.