[adsense300gray]The Northern Icon Strates Desk is the creation of Mathieu Lehanneur and it represents the emulation of the child by the adult. I bet I lost you here. Well, if you had a real childhood, i.e. you were playing with real life toys like LEGO instead of playing mindless videogames all day long, well, then you know what I mean.

This desk is a LEGO game for your inner adult. It allows you to build your own stuff and let your imagination run wild, because it consists of modules that can be arranged in any way you want. The building blocks themselves work as standalone elements as well, so you can use them as tables, shelves, desks, side tables or whatever. The name of the game is modularity and interlocking, so if you’re the engineering type, you can go for it. The „strates” are made of high quality birch plywood and the desk is composed of 148 or 190 strates.

strates strates 2 strates 3 strates 4 strates