If you’re feeling the need of getting yourself a desk fan for changing the air a little bit and having a little breeze flow around you, you should check out a neat creation which wears the fingerprint of Dyson. I’m talking about their AM06 cooling desk fan, a cool invention that doesn’t resemble with its fellow fans, as it lacks any visible blades. Yeap, that’s right, this clever piece of work looks like a plain round empty frame, having its “brains” enclosed in its base, which is right underneath it, as you might’ve already guessed from the pictures.

[adsense300gray]The “secret” behind this peculiar thingy is that it uses an annular aperture for drawing air through it and accelerating it as to create a pleasant (and powerful) breeze. The technology is known as the “Air Multiplier”and offers wonderful results at the cost of 26 Watts (its input power). It’s also very quiet, consumes as less as it’s possible and can be directed to work in any direction. You’ll be managing it through its dedicated remote control only (so try not to lose it) and you can choose between three elegant color combinations: black nickel, iron blue and white silver.

AM06 1

AM06 2

AM06 3