If you have like 200 tee shirts and 300 pairs of pants, just like yours truly, you’ll be delighted to find out that all your miserable days spent on washing and ironing them are long over. Now you have Swash, and from now on you can spend your free time on Facebook, giving likes to cat pictures and cool cars.
Swash is a technological breakthrough and a life saver for us, idle dudes and dudettes, believe me! What this magic thing is capable of doing is to remove the (light) wrinkles from your worn clothes, also it actually kills the unpleasant scents from your favorite shirt (like b.o.) without the need of washing it, it restores its fit after wearing it and, since all these magic tricks are performed without washing/drying/ironing (in only 10 minutes), your clothes will last you like, forever! The colors will stay vivid, the fabric will look as new year after year!


Yeah, I know what you’ll say, it’s too good to be true, nothing beats a good’ol washing machine. Or does it?! Give Swash a chance and come back with your impressions.

swash 5