There is a common problem among people who think their house lacks a touch of style, but they can’t figure out what to change. Changing the light bulbs might not be the first thing to think about, at least until now.

Introducing Misfit Bolt – the light bulb that you control remotely from your phone. At first, it may look just like a regular bulb that went through a face-lift process. However, Bolt can actually change its light color in order to fit your mood.

[adsense300gray]Bolt can generate a wide spectrum of colors from which you can preset modes, from relaxing tones to cold concentration enhancing colors. You can switch between the tones with your smartphone, or, in case you don’t own one, use the Misfit Flash gadget. Misfit Bolt already has two installed presets. The first one simulates a sunrise when you want to wake up, so your eyes have time to adjust, while the second one creates a comfortable environment to get asleep fast.

The bulb itself is made from a quality aluminum casing and a glass-dome that spreads light in 260 degrees without developing hot-spots. The casing also prevents heat from getting close to electronics. Misfit Bolt comes with a standard electrical socket (E-26) so it doesn’t require any adapter. According to producer specs, Misfit Bolt is designed to last for 20 years, so there is no need to change it too soon. It consumes 13W of power and emits a light intensity of about 800 lumens. It works on universal power lines, 100-240V 50/60Hz.

Buyers can choose between the single Misfit Smart Lamp or the Misfit Smart Home, which consists of three Bolt light bulbs in one package.