Mozayo Interactive Multi-Touch Table

Why even bother getting a tablet or smartphone when you can get a full-fledged table! That’s right. A smart-table. So you can legitimately have a reason not to put your feet up on it, or not to not use a coaster for your glass.

With its 32″ Liquid Crystal Display 720P HD (the Premium Series) and PulseIR™ Touch Technology (up to 6 simultaneous touch points), you’ll never want to leave your living room again. This baby has a very powerful processor (Intel i5 Quad Core Processor with 4GB DDR, 3250GB Hard Drive and Integrated Video, Intel® HD Graphics) so that your awesome smart-table keeps in line with the latest trends.

The Professional Series is all this but a bit more: 42″ Liquid Crystal Display 1080P HD and an Intel i7 Quad Core Processor with 8GB DDR3, 500GB Hard Drive, 512MB AMD RADEON HD Graphics Car. Do expect the price to be a bit more as well. And by a bit I mean a lot.

Mozayo Interactive Multi-Touch Table 4

Mozayo Interactive Multi-Touch Table 3

Mozayo Interactive Multi-Touch Table 2