Søren Rose Studio is a Copenhagen and New York-based company that deals with everything interior design-related. What makes them stand out is the touch of minimalism to their creations and arrangements, but in their case simplicity has not been compromised for lack of personality. Their designs have a raw and edgy feel to them and can really make a statement in any room. 

[adsense300gray]Minimalism should not be dead end for functionality. Instead, the approach nowadays is to find the right balance between the two and make your life seem a bit more… neat and simple. This is exactly what the Tribeca Table does by covering up the storage space and making the room feel less crowded. There’s space to hide everything from your keyboard, mouse, pencils, smaller gadgets and anything you find can get dusty while on your desk. Also, there are little holes cut into the table for you to draw cables through them, so the work area doesn’t get too busy. The first version of the desk (the green one in the photos) also included the flipping slab, but the look was not as polished as for their latest model, since it was made out of recycled gymnasium floorboards.

We couldn’t be talking about the creation of a Scandinavian designer without thinking of quality and attention to details. The table is made out of oiled oak and white laminate, so the color scheme makes it versatile and fit for most office areas. It looks smart and elegant, but not too overbearing or outdated.

What do you think? Is it too simple or just right?