[adsense300gray]If you’re the environmentalist type, you’ll surely enjoy this posting, because Plumen, that’s why!  Plumen is a new company, the new kid on the block sort of thing, focused on providing the world with energy efficient lighting. Sounds almost Prometheic, don’t you think?  Anyway, their approach is kind of cute, because their light bulbs look very interesting in terms of design, very different from your regular lighting device. Basically,Lumen is the new trend in lighting technology, creating efficient lighting-the designer collection. You know, sort of like the iPhone of light bulbs, light bulbs with a twist of fashion. Yes, I am serious, just take a look at the pictures. They started with regular fluorescent bulbs but LED lighting is on its way, stay tuned . Obviously,using Plumen’s fashion light bulbs, you will save energy, because fluorescent lighting will help you cut on your energy bill. Basically, a Plumen bulb that consumes 7 watts will offer the same amount of light as a 30 watts incandescent „Edison style” bulb, check that out.