Shower…that place in your house where you can really relax where no one bothers you and the world stops for a minute, or more depends on how long you prefer it. There is no better way to find your calm and there is no cheaper way to do it than taking a shower. That is the case for most of us but some might prefer the spa, another great way to relax but involves some money. You have a range of possibilities to choose from although the massage is people’s first option. But why not have both in your house?

[adsense300gray]Innovation is the word for your new home pleasure, or maybe technology. Seems like the old days of taking a simple shower or a simple bath are long gone and as things evolve so fast around us our baths should too. Imagine taking a shower and having the experience of a spa treatment while you’re at home. This might only happen with a Horizontal Shower by Sieger Design which offers the experience of a new reclining shower. It is a system of six Water Bars, set above a reclining space, with an eTool acting as a main control element. Within all its features the most exciting one is a set of programmed choreographies that will provide you with Balancing, Energizing or De-stressing effects.

So be prepared to put your money right where you can see it…in your bathroom. Now you can have the exquisite pleasure of watching your $35,000 Dornbracht shower giving you a whole relaxing package while lying on your back, side, or front but don’t stand up cause you’ll bang your head. It is the ideal home treatment after you realized you’ve spent a fortune on a shower.