Are you looking for a salute or a funny text to greet your visitors the moment they enter your place? Neon Mfg’s ready to hang texts will not do all the talk for your on your date, but it will definitely bring a smile on the face of whoever’s reading it.

Established in USA, Neon Mfg offers a wide variety of neon writings that can be either hung or mount on a wall using two nails or screws. There are quite a few pre-designed neon texts ready to be purchased from the website: „Hustle”, „Let’s Get Weird”, „Youth Has No Age”. They come in the following colors: blue, green, pink, white, red, or yellow.

[adsense300gray]Neon signs come mounted on a 24 by 10 inches rectangular black lexan piece with protective edges on the top and on the bottom. The package includes hanging hardware, a chain, a 6 foot long power cord and a 110V transformer. Neon Mfg recommends using provided neon texts on the inside, as they are not built for outdoor use. In proper conditions, these neon writings should last at least 5 years.

Do you have an original idea and you’re willing to add some spark to it? Neon Mfg offers the possibility to create your custom neon text. You must fit into 10 characters per line, and choose one of the available colors. Orders take 7-10 days to be shipped. Unfortunately, it seems that for the moment there is no shipping available outside of US and Canada.