This multifunctional table is meant to help create an innovative workspace, one with minimalist influences and the ability of clearing up your space visually so that you can better focus on your work.¬†Developed¬†in a 3D program inspired by low-poly designs, the table is made out of cherry wood. Integrated in the surface of the table are several docking stations for your tablet and smartphone, as well as four USB hubs. You could say it comes with effortless and stylish connectivity, allowing you to bypass all those unaesthetic cables and additions to your office space. De-cluttering is the first step towards improving productivity and keeping a clear, inspired mind, and Blidu does just that – with lines that remind one of the mountains and forests in which we’d rather be hiking instead of sitting at a desk, this table creates the perfect environment for a peaceful creative experience.

[adsense300gray]Of course, there’s also a downside – given its irregular topography, this table is not suitable for those who want to, let’s say, put anything horizontal on it, like mugs or plates or even drawing boards. It is exclusively designed for the gadgets you might need to do your job, but it does not facilitate other activities. Of course, you could also see this as a positive aspect of the desk, given that it can help diminish distractions even more. Not to mention that it looks like it’s from a futuristic cabin in the woods. With USB hubs! And a laptop drawer.

If your eyes don’t tend to get „seasick”, we recommend you keep an eye on this design – it might turn into reality one day. Given its overall usefulness, we’d say it would be a hit with minimal office spaces and hipster home-offices that want to look edgy.

Blidu Landscape Wood Table 1

Blidu Landscape Wood Table 2

Blidu Landscape Wood Table 3

Blidu Landscape Wood Table 4

Blidu Landscape Wood Table 5

Blidu Landscape Wood Table 6