Inspired by the ever changing beauty of the psyche of the female gender, Simplexio has created a mirror design that brings tribute to this confusing yet spectacular phenomenon.

[adsense300gray]Women can reach such a level of multidimensionality that even themselves can’t comprehend. They can’t see the spectrum of changes they can go through in just a few seconds. They’re crazy now and angels later. We look at them with astonishment and our reactions aren’t able to change as quickly as their tone of voice. The essence of their multifaceted personality is a primordial soup of mixed fucked up feelings understood only by their priest and their mirror. And a mirror to fully reflect the supernatural transformation of their beautiful and deranged psyche would have to be one with a thousand faces to contemplate the godliness and a thousand voids not to reflect their most terrific outbursts. The real story with the queen and the magic mirror goes like this: Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? – Which one, cause I can see hundreds right now, some beautiful, some ugly, some stupid and some spectacular. Would you make up your mind already?