Bookworms know it best. Books come in different sizes and shapes such that at some point it gets really tricky to fit them all into a shelf. Is there any quick and easy solution to finally arrange them all? What if, instead of moving and twisting the books you could move and twist the shelf?

Max Voytenko, the mastermind behind the scenes at Line Studio came up with HASH, a modular bookshelf. What’s so cool about it? You can create a quite large number of layout combinations by moving the two bookshelf modules and combining them under different angles.

[adsense300gray]Since the bookshelf modules are able to turn up to 90 degrees, various spaces can be created in order to store different objects like books, CD cases, magazines.

HASH features a simplistic design. This minimalist aspect grants the possibility to attach the bookshelf onto any wall from your home. It doesn’t really matter the style in which you have decorated living-room; the modular bookshelf is likely to fit in. You might be worried about the strength of HASH, as you are planning to place a bit of weight on its modules. Don’t worry, the frame as well as the rest of the structure is made of painted steel; it can hold up quite a few kilograms, but still, try to keep your pet elephant someplace else.
If you are looking for a smart way to get your books and magazines into one place, but you are making changes often, HASH is probably a great deal. Place it in your living room or on the bedroom wall and play with the modules until it feels right.