Building fast is no longer a secondary wish when establishing plans for a new home. Instead, it has become a main requirement, along with durability, pleasant aspect and functionality. NOEM is able to provide a fully functional, hi-tech and eco-friendly house in 10 weeks. An intelligent refuge, as the company’s name means in old Spanish, can be laid down by NOEM using top of the line technologies, all using wood as base material.

One of the three currently built models by NOEM is the Prefab home design. It stretches over 72 square meters and it accomodates a living space along with an outdoor patio. Including all outdoor elements, the house can stretch over a surface of 93 square meters. The main purpose of these modular designs is to allow clients choose the customizations needed to fulfill their expectations, including an extension of space over 72 square meters.


An army of sensors, actuators and construction tricks are taking full advantage of the climate where the house will be placed. In other words, insulation, solar gain and natural ventilation, are all taken in account before laying down the plan for this type of energy-efficient home.

Although they’ve been proven to provide lower costs, better building technology and features, modular homes are still something new and not used at a full scale, compared with on-site constructions. Given that the real estate market starts to heal, it is comfortable to say that builders and architects will go for the idea of building prefabricated homes, offering a wide variety of choices in the years to come.