[adsense300gray]If you’re the God and Guns kinda fellow, you’ll surely enjoy the gun cylinder pen holder. You know that old saying, the pen is mightier than the sword? Well, it may apply to guns too, tho’ I seriously doubt it, but when it comes to blending Guns and Pens in the same package, well, the result is awesome, if not scary.

The gun cylinder pen holder can harbor 6 bullets, I mean pens, in the same time, just as a regular Wild West ¬†revolver. With one of these babies on your desk, the message is clear : don’t mess around with me!

You’ll be the Clint Eastwood of desk jockeys, sort of speak.

This beautifully crafted desk accessory is made of cast aluminum and it’s pretty heavy. You know that saying : heavy is good, heavy is reliable ?Realistically speaking, in a survival scenario, you can always hit your boss with the pen holder, how about that? Well, I’m not advocating violence, but you know, sometimes…

The gun cylinder pen holder costs a measly $25 and it measures¬†2.75in W x 3.5in H. I think it’s a good deal, the sale of the century! So, what are you waiting for?