If you’re like me you surely hate those moments when, at night, you have to get out of bed to turn off the lights! But thank God, we live in the era of technology and we have solutions for almost everything now! With the new Switchmate you can control the lights in your house using your phone.

Simply snap Switchmate over your light switch and pair it with your smartphone, and voilĂ  – you can control anything that’s connected with your switch!


But what’s Switchmate? It’s more than a remote control for your lights switch! It’s an intuitive light timer, different from everything similar you experienced before! It even knows when you get home and turns on the lights so you don’t have to return to a dark home!

Another cool thing is that through the special app you can control multiple Switchmates and set timers. You can even check the status of your lights within a range of 15o ft.

Switchmate works on BLE technology and its creators want to expand the range of its use so that it can be used from everywhere an internet connection is available! Thus, they will include integration with other ecosistems and you’ll be available to develop your own hub.

In a few years, maybe this will be a standard technology in our homes! Just think about it! Switchmate brings a whole new approach on lighting! It’s very simple to install because it’s equipped with magnets (yes, no pesky wires!). And the design is so elegant and smooth!