[adsense300gray]In ancient times, glass makers were using this „organic blown” procedure to make glass on regular basis. Organic blown is just a fancy term used to describe an ancient technique : basically, you blow air through a pipe into a piece of ultra-hot melted glass and thus you  make a bubble out of it. Well, fancy terms or fancy marketing, the end result is pretty cool. If you have $300 to spend on „organic” glass pendants, here’s the one for you. Blown by an actual human being and protected by a metallic wire frame, you can use these pendants around the house and be the coolest guy in the neighborhood. For maximum coolness, you can put some old-school vintage style bulbs inside of your „old school” pendants and unlock the ultimate achievement, you’ll be level 99 in „vintage stuff”, a black belt sort of speak. These organic blown pendants are ideal to use on your porch/patio, if you live in a decent neighborhood. Else, you can take them indoors, they work pretty well there too.

Organic Blown Glass Pendant 2