RockPaperRobot is an „engineering boutique” founded by two intelligent and creative ladies, who have made a goal for their company to bring to the market what is called „high-end kinetic furniture and lighting”. Among other innovative pieces, the Float Table stands out as a unique concept that combines physics and modern design. Its looks are deceiving, as the handcrafted dark wood makes the table seem sturdy and static, while a gentle push onto the cubes reveals its dynamic and fluid character.

The 64 walnut cubes that the table is made from levitate with respect to one another, and steel cables keep them from spreading around, making the table fall apart. The standard size of each cube is 5.5 inches, and you can choose between a side table made of 27 cubes for $10,000 and a coffee table made of 54 cubes for $20,000.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m curious about the effect it has on other magnetic objects. Even so, it really does look like a magic table. Check out the video after the photos to see it in action!