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Monday Mayhem #14

Are you ready to rumble? We’ve been roaming the internet for on and on and we’ve came across twenty beauties and monsters. Mechanical beings, here they are, listed below for your eyes to see, rate, and comment. No more chit-chat, here we go:

Sylvansport Sunny Side Up Kit

Sylvansport Sunny Side Up – The Integrated Solar Kit When going tripping, finding ways to be supplied with energy could prove crucial. The new Sunny Side Up – Integrated Solar Kit is the perfect way to resolve this muddy business. It’s a collaboration between SylvanSport and Goal Zero. With it, the possibilities are endless. There are two Goal Zero Boulder … continue reading

$1.299 Buy

108M Mega Yacht

Your Newest Floating Hotel Hareide Design Norway has taken a huge step in developing their newest Mega Yacht. The Concept can’t be better described then the way the team has on their website. The Mega Yacht is more related to a giant floating hotel instead of a ship. The Huge ship, which was unveiled on July 4th, is surprisingly green … continue reading

Monday Mayhem #13

It’s Monday once again, and it’s time to cause some mayhem! Running your favorite movie on a late evening? The best runs are done elsewhere; on the street or on the track. This is Monday Mayhem – 20 handpicked photos of automotive power, design and plain evilness, ready to lift your heart rate and focus your attention. Check them out … continue reading

Diamond Atelier BMW Mark II Series

A Simple Question Boys, we got a simple question for you today: which kind of man you like to be? The conventional, boring one? Or the one who likes to play by its very own rules? Choosing the answer shouldn’t be that difficult. First step is to agree with us that the BMW Mark II Series is a holy beast … continue reading

$23.000 Buy

1952 Buick Super Riviera “Bombshell Betty”

More than a wheeled rocket Are you eager to slip your way onto the unmeasurable salt lands, topping out dial twisting top speed numbers? Most of the time, this is achieved by so called rockets on wheels. These jet engine based vehicles who only know how to do one thing: go forward and go fast. Even in this metallic muscle … continue reading

$195,000 Buy

Triumph Tiger 800XC Dromedarii

The Newest Bike for Your Collection Military Style, Triumph Technology. This badass rebuild from the automotive shop Icon 1000 is the perfect getaway vehicle to snag when you need to jump a ramp through a flaming hoop away from space ninjas. All joke aside, this beautiful piece of automotive properly captures that military style that is all too easy to … continue reading

Monday Mayhem #12

Rev your engines! It’s time for Monday Mayhem! We’ve been roaming the internet searching for the best car pics around to provide you with another 20 hand-picked automotive beauties. With brands all over the world included, old and new, vintage and modern, check out the list below. Remember you can click on each picture to check out the make and … continue reading

Indian Scout Gassers Custom “The Outlaw”

Lean Mean Metal Machine You stand on a road, looking up and down the cement path.  The reason you’re looking? You hear the mean roar of an engine, filling the air and drawing attention of anyone within earshot. Suddenly you see it, this motorcycle, in the distance flying towards you like a loud metal chariot. As it flies past you, you … continue reading

De Antonio D33 Yacht

Pirate in Style De Antonio recently rolled out it’s new models, and one that caught the eye of many Yacht enthusiasts everywhere was the D33! This gorgeous Yacht, built to accommodate a surprising amount of people, is the newest member of the De Antonio family. That being said, its capacity hold a maximum of ten people comfortably is pretty cozy … continue reading

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