Take a Toyota and combine it with a BMW; what will you get? The answer is the 2020 Supra with is speed unleashed.

The New Red Devil

The brand new sports car from Toyota has set pulses racing across the car-loving community around the world. The blazing red colour on an old school design that harks back to the days of speed and Steve McQueen has got everyone to sit up and take notice.

The only issue – the Red 2020 Supra comes with an automatic gearbox. That’s like saying that you can sit inside a Formula 1 car, but we will control it for you.

Having heard the prayers of the petrol-heads go unanswered, European Auto Group (EAG) has decided to give the Supra what it really needs.

A Manual Upgrade

Most car owners are sceptical of changing the ‘factory settings’ of their sports cars after purchase. But with the San-Antonio based EAG, you can be rest assured that when they decide to pair OEM BMW parts with the Toyota Supra, you will end up getting an upgrade.

The simple reason being that the manual transmission will enable the sports car to truly unleash the beast of speed that lies hidden in its B58 engine.

Expect nothing but more speed and more thrill.       


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