Electric cars are the trending, but we seem to be getting very close to flying cars. After all, giving off-roading a new meaning would be great. Skipping busy intersections, gridlocks, stop going around obstacles? I’m in!

According to PAL-V website, their flying car prototype takes no more space than a regular consumer vehicle. Furthermore, it is able to blend with everyday traffic when needed. Instead of using motors and wings, the PAL-V works like a helicopter. The main rotor unfolds from above the car and starts spinning to create gyro-lift.

In terms of road going, this flying car uses a 3-wheel supporting system. Customized suspension makes it bend slightly on corners for extra comfort. No data on fuel consumption is provided.

There is, however, a limitation regarding flight. The PAL-V isn’t apparently a flying machine that can operate on bad weather conditions. It looks like you have to drive during bad winds and storms, and take off only on clear skies.

Obviously, this is just a prototype, and it may be a while until we’ll see an actual build – if it ever gets there. Pretty cool, though!