For a long time now, Brabus had maintained an intimate connection with German luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz. Sometimes, it felt like Brabus went further into MB’s business than AMG.

However, unlike Mercedes-Benz’s own performance division, we may find the Brabus logo on some other things. Take for example the Shadow 800 speedboat. This is what would happen if you’d take a Brabus-tuned sedan and made it into something that’s seaworthy.

The speedboat is the result of a close collaboration between Brabus and Finish boatmaker Axopar. While Axopar provided the sea-travelling technology, Brabus left a bold fingerprint on the product. You will find leather and carbon fiber inserts at every point.

And since Brabus isn’t just all about the looks, two Mercury Verado 400R engines provide enough juice to reach 50 knots or roughly 92 km/h.

Just 20 units will be built by Brabus and Axopar. While most likely all of them have been already sold, it’s for good reason. The Brabus Shadow 800 looks great and splits the waves insanely fast. Each boat comes with a matching custom Garmin marine watch.

Thankfully, the collaboration between the two brands grew close enough that we can hope to see further models being redesigned and pumped up. Check out more details as well as a 360-degree tour on the official website.