Most powered skateboards are confined by design to smooth surfaces. You can’t really take them on gravel or whatever surface that’s not concrete or asphalt. For that reason, BajaBoard is here to change that. But how does it do it?

For starters, BajaBoard is working with an independent double-wishbone suspension. The aluminum suspension is not only light, but also ready to carry you on the rougher countryside terrain. The suspension is more efficient that you would imagine. First of all, it’s using spring shocks with 60mm of travel and adjustable rebound. The 10″ pneumatic tyres are also helping reduce vibrations.

Bajaboard is currently available in two versions: the standard G4, and a more capable and faster G4x.

The lower spec skateboard is coming with 2 DC motors that can proppel you up to 50 km/h on a 30% slope. G4X on the other hand has 4 electric motors thus is capable of 50 km/h on a 45% grade when coupled in 4×4 mode. Furthermore, G4x can also carry an extra 20kg of payload compared to G4.

BajaBoard takes about 2.5 hours to completely charge the 900 Wh Li-Ion battery. In comparison, a full charge is good for 30 to 35 km of skating. The battery is also providing power for a 10W font LED light and a red taillight.

The BajaBoard is available online starting at $3,299 and ships starting May 2017.