It’s not usual even for the wealthiest to hold 76 pieces of the same vehicle, no matter how big is the passion. The only places where you could possibly see such a high number of cars is either the parking lot of the assembly plant or at a car show.┬áThis time, a Georgian car club created something awesome using 76 Dodge Challengers.

Given the multitude of colorways offered on the vehicle, a nice pattern was created. It took inspiration, a great deal of handling precision, but the result was worth it. What you can witness below is basically a Dodge Challenger rainbow, without the rain. The sunny weather aided Peach State Challengers in their effort to create a the ultimate colorful parking lot.

I’d say this is the real car p0rn, if there was ever some. Unfortunately, not many car makers offer such a variety of colorways. Thus, there’s little chance to see a rainbow with a different brand. In the meantime, let’s enjoy this brilliant work.

Rainbow With 76 Dodge Challengers