We’ve been impressed by Timeless Kustoms builds over and over again. It is fair to say that these guys provide some of the best work of art cars out there right now. This time, the California-based custom car shop provided a modern rendition of the 1954 Corvette ZR1 high performance model.

Nicknamed “Death Star”, the century-old Corvette definitely lives up to its name. What started out as a 54′ ZR1 in poor shape was turned around by the guys at Timeless Kustoms. Beneath the black hood rests a supercharged LS9 V8 engine pushing out 590 american horses towards the rear wheels. The engine is visible at all times via a polycarbonate window inserted in the hood.

The chassis has been redesigned and re-engineered, now featuring C6 front suspension accompanied by a custom-built three-link rear suspension. Stopping power was boosted via Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes that are able to withstand metal-melting temperatures. You’d definitely need these when trying to get almost 600hp to a halt.

Hoosier A6 semi-slick tires were fitted on three-piece forged wheels to make all that V8 power reach the ground and ensure adequate grip. The wheels go perfectly with the cyber gray metallic coating.

Wanna see it in action? Check out the video below: