Diesel might’ve been the mother of off roading, but it’s almost retirement time. As fossil fuels head for a sunset, electric power plants are gaining fans. This an Arnold Schwarzenegger favorite: the G-Klasse is the luxury off-roader by Mercedes. Unlike other off road vehicles, the G-Klasse not only managed to overcome steep hills and dangerous swamps, but also kept a good-looking face in the meantime.

So, an electric G-Klasse? Why not? Of course, purists will strongly disapprove. However, let’s check out the main advantages. Sportscar-like acceleration? Check. Huge torque available right from base rpm? Check. Quick charging? Check.

Sadly, it won’t roar like a diesel, but that’s pretty much it on the downside. Beneath the hood, Krsel G-Klasse stuffs¬†2 electric motors capable of 360 Kw. They make it accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 5.2 seconds. Remember, we’re talking about a 2.6 ton car!

On the inside, the instrument cluster has been adapted to work with the electric drive. Fortunately, the same exquisite quality and comfort level have been preserved.

The Kreisel battery is good for 80 KwH, with a strong promise to improve this number. However though, the car you see in the pictures is just a prototype. Kreisel is undergoing negotiations for a series production. You can follow their blog for updates.