Great shape classic cars are hard to find. But one that even has the original fluids? That’s one to a million, or maybe less. However, we are happy to be able o share with you one beautiful piece. This 1971 Plymouth Cuda was owned by Zachary Taylor Reynolds (owner of RJ Reynolds Tobacco) and it only gathered 1,928 miles on the odometer.

At the moment, this is the most packed-up Hemi Cuda in existence. Usually, these cars were built for racing, so owners did not opt for many interior accessories or other gimmicks that would increase the weight of the car. On the other hand, Taylor Reynolds added all the possible optionals to this piece.

Beneath the hood

The 426 cubic inch Hemi V8 looks spotless. As we’ve mentioned above, the engine still has the original fluids (oil and coolant). Fuel is brought into the cylinders via two 4-barrel carburetors. Power is then transmitted to the wheels via an automatic¬†A727 Torqueflite 3-speed transmission also in mint condition.

Gases are thrown out via a Chrysler twin exhaust, slithering between the Hemi heavy duty suspension.

There is virtually no paint scratch or deformity within the engine bay. Just a tiny bit of dried dust rests on the hood pop-up spring.

On the outside

Being a MOPAR, you’d expect the color to feature a racing red. Fortunately, the¬†Rallye Red coating is scratch-less and looks astonishing over the black vinyl. Furthermore, the original billboards are still attached to the car.

The original Rallye wheels are equipped with factory spec Goodyear Polyglass tyres, with white branding still visible on the sidewall. All other chromium elements shine and reflect the light to contrast with the coating.

About the price

Obviously, beauty costs quite a lot. However, if you got $1.3 million to spare, check out RK Motors Charlotte for more details.


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