The Land Rover is and has been the icon of classy off-roading for years now. Most modern SUVs are doing a great job climbing the sidewalk, but only a rugged piece like Land Rover can actually crawl through the mud and over the rocks, one wheel in the air. Shortly, it’s like the spec-ops Marine of the automotive world. Fortunately, we haven’t been disproved of its sight; the team and East Coast Defender has given out brilliantly outfitted Defenders both for on-road and off-road use.

On their latest project dubbed „Alpine”, they took a Land Rover Defender 110 powered by a 3.9 liter Rover V8 and tuned it to perfection. The outside has been complemented with a new grille, larger 18″ wheels, full outer roll cage and a laser lighting bar. The insides have been treated with a premium surround sound system, hand stitched leather seats, front racing seats by Corbeau, and a PUMA dashboard.

The¬†Yulong white colorway matches with the „East Coast Defender” logo printed on the spare wheel attached at the end of the Rover. Check out the pics below for the absolute awesomeness. Also, you can check East Coast Defender for more projects just as awesome.

Land-Rover-Project-Alpine-By-East-Coast-Defenders-1 Land-Rover-Project-Alpine-By-East-Coast-Defenders-3 Land-Rover-Project-Alpine-By-East-Coast-Defenders-5 Land-Rover-Project-Alpine-By-East-Coast-Defenders-6 Land-Rover-Project-Alpine-By-East-Coast-Defenders-8 Land-Rover-Project-Alpine-By-East-Coast-Defenders-10