You’d normally see the luxurious Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse driven around main boulevards by company executives to and from their workplace. The E-Klasse is built to pack as much comfort and features as possible. After all, when you’re paying up to $190.000, you do expect the best it can offer.

Most owners would probably own a second car (an SUV perhaps) to tackle off-road trips. How about sticking to the actual E-Klasse? Lift up the suspension, add bigger, sturdier wheels and go rock-climbing.

Called E-Class ALL-TERRAIN 4×4², the project started out in the garage of MB engineer Jürgen Eberle. The car borrows suspension elements from its bigger G500 relative and uses the 3.5 liter turbocharged unit (from the E400 wagon) to spin the wheels.

The increase in height aids ground clearance to a total of 16 inches and boosts attack and departure angles. Rocks really stand no chance this time.

Mercedes-Benz did not actually comment on whether the E-Class ALL-TERRAIN 4×4² will ever see the production line. However, given MB’s inclination towards building unexpected pieces, I would wait and see. After all, what’s best than enjoying a luxuriant drive on your way to the company’s HQ situated on top of the mountain?

Right now, Mercedes is offering a boring alternative to this: the E-Klasse AllTerrain.