Fancy a quick coffee, or maybe a snack and a soft drink? Most offices and public places could provide you with these via vending machines. Just push in the coin and take out the product. Indeed, there have been quite a few ways to trick the machines the past, mainly to get free stuff. However, you will definitely won’t be able to trick this supercar selling vending machine.

Where is it?

Oddly, you would expect something like a 15-story vending machine that lets you buy a Ferrari to be found somewhere in Dubai or Qatar. However, this one’s in Singapore, a geographical core of accelerated economic expansion. So, what about it? This “vending machine” has 60 slots, each one holding a vehicle ranging from supercars to classics, including a 1955 Morgan Plus 4.

Autobahn Motors, the company behind the world’s largest car vending machine has another similar (but smaller) building in San Antonio Texas. The purpose is, as Autobahn Cars general manager states, to stand out from competition and use more space upwards while reducing area used on the ground.

Got some change?

Here’s how it works. At the base of the building, a touchscreen interface lets users select the car they want to check out. In 2 minutes, a complex retrieving system brings the car to the base level. Sadly, you will need more than coins to get the product from behind the glass.


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