With only 39 units built, Ferrari 250 GTO is one of the rarest and most valuable cars today. The reputation of the model is strongly backed by record-breaking sale figures. Back in 2014, one Ferrari GTO 250 was sold for a staggering $38 million at the Bonhams’ Monterey Auction.

However, not all pricey cars end up at the auction block. In some cases, private sales surpass auctions in terms of numbers. It is the case of a recent event where the 250 GTO was rumored to have been sold for a new record $70 million.

The car

This particular Ferrari 250 GTO was built in 1963 and won the Tour de France one year later. Tour de France is one of history’s most famous and appreciated motor races. DK Engineering undergone restoration of the model during the 90s.

The car is fully road legal and is able to reach 174 mph. Marcel Massini, leading Ferrari historian, rates the $70 million 250 GTO as one of the top 3 or 4 of its kind in the world.

The buyer

The price was later on confirmed by Fox News as well as quoting WeatherTech CEO David MacNeil as the new owner. MacNeil is know to be a famous Ferrari collector as well as driver. We can only hope we will get to see the car being driven across shows and vintage races. On the other hand, at such value, every inch the car rolls drops value. Or not?




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