There have been countless jokes on the „last” version of Pagani Zonda. No wonder that they tried three times to actually release the final version, then remove it from production. However, this article is about the daughter of Zonda: Huayra. The younger beast is everything Zonda was and more. However, when a car enthusiasts like¬†Manny Khoshbin gets his hands on one, the car transcends to a whole new dimension.

There have been many supercars that went through¬†Manny Khoshbin’s garage. The Huayra got a new color and detailing and also a new name: Hermes. Changes also include larger wheels, aerodynamic package and custom tuned suspension. French fashion house Hermes collaborated to ensure a brilliant visual design.

There are some other less-mechanical, more-fashion pieces on this Huayra Hermes, including a $10,000 Hermes bag. Add that to the Tempesta supercar kit valued at $182,000 then top it off with, unfortunately, unknown value of the interior design. This Italian supercar just got its value doubled.