There are some truly off the wall automotive ideas these days. It goes so far that as soon as you think you reach the end, something else pops up. Recently, Custombike held a contest for the most awesome bike around.

During that contest (held yearly) you see some pretty incredible things. This bike happens to be awesome and truly stands up to the contest’s name. This amazing custom 1982 Honda CX500 didn’t win, but it was a solid finalist in the contest (which shows you the competition if nothing else).

The literally built the exterior of the bike OUT OF STONE. This thing weighs over a thousand pounds in weight. However, the rest of the bike is made of basic parts.

The Hollowed out pieces of the engine tries to add as little weight as possible. Alongside that, they’ve added steel reinforcement to the bike to make sure the bike doesn’t fall apart. This thing ain’t fast, but it’s really damn cool looking.