Those living in large cities are pretty used to seeing articulate busses roaming established routes. They hold the advantage of space, managing to carry more than a hundred passengers at a time. Lately, Volvo has set its mind onto breaking various records. Just recently they broke the truck speed record using the „Iron Knight” and now the swedish automaker presented Gran Artic: world’s largest bus.

Built to be first used in Brazil, the Gran Artic 300 is 29 meters long and carries up to 210 passengers. Since it’s able to carry the equivalent payload of three regular buses, Volvo expects to provide a positive impact over the public transportation infrastructure. Results mean speeding up commute times and lowering emissions. Just hope to God it won’t get stuck in the middle of a busy intersection in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro.

Volvo Gran Artic is expected to be provided with a designated bus rapid transit line, averaging at 22 mph.