EVO IX MR: Not A Sleeper Car

Some heavily modified JDM (that is, Japanese Domestic Market) vehicles usually stay well hidden under a stock or stock-like body. The reason for that? Keep out from the prying eyes of police or get the best jaw dropping on the dude challenging you at the stop light. Be aware, we at Hispotion do not encourage in any way street racing; there are closed tracks for that.

Mitsubishi Evo IX is known for its athletic figures and with a Do-Luck aerodynamics kit, this MR is in no way a sleeper. The project was given birth by Kelvin Hsiu, after his Evo VIII was T-Boned by a drunk driver. Is the carbon fiber aerodynamics addon really necessary for what seems to be a daily driver? Well, that’s of low importance once you get to see how the car looks: aggressive.

In terms of hardware, this EVO IX MR packs a 4G63 unit pumped by a HKS turbocharger and a titanium, racing grade exhaust manifold. More updates are on their one, including a proper HKS stroker package. Kelvin is proud of being able to keep up against large block V8s and V10s – it’s even more impressive that the MR is being driven to car shows instead of towed.

While miles are accumulating on the odometer, this Evo IX MR is definitely a daily driver that doesn’t just stand out of the crowd; it rips the crowd apart.