It can be hard to pinpoint mankind’s fascination with the end of the world. As a species, they’ve built entire movie series and festivals around the idea. As a result, a culture is developing around the idea of Dystopian nature. Consequently, as humanity likes to push things as far as possible, more and more people are getting into the idea of the end of the world. So now, companies are producing vehicles to help cater to the crowds.

Hauk Design amped up the stakes last year at the Las Vegas SEMA show. Hauk is an outfitter for Jeep, who works to help increase the offload capacity of the wranglers whenever possible. But it seems they’ve taken things to a new level with the aggressive beauty of this machine. The „Rock Rat” is built off an old 1947 Willy CJ2A body that has been chopped and modified.

Because this had to be a theme specific build, Hauk decided to modify the engine to be diesel capable. After all, you’re looking to have a desert capable machine. In a world filled with so little vegetation, the cars need to fit the theme. The paint job also helps add to the mystique of the machine as well. The copper looking plate and dark brown interior really give the Jeep its rough look.

Hauk also salvages glass from an old house and 44″ tires to help make this a truly devastating machine. This is not one jeep you want to have chasing after you in the apocalypse.

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