I think we all have the dream of going on a road trip across the country, and doing it in style. If you decide to go on the road with your friends or your family, you will have a lot of stuff to carry around, which isn’t very handy if you sleep in hotels. And if you do decide to live on wheels you certainly want it to be comfortable and fun. So here is the Bowlus Road Chief Trailer, a trailer (RV) that will blow your mind and make you want to take a break from work and take out a map right now.

Bowlus Road Chief is one of the coolest trailers that you can find on the market now. Just from the first impression you get the sense of comfort and luxury. It is made by Airstream, a company that has been making trailers since the 1930’s. The founder Wally Byam made the first Airstream trailer in 1929 and the company has been making excellent trailers ever since.

Airstream has just given us a real treat and came out with the Limited Edition Lithium+ line inspired by the past. And although it looks vintage on the outside, the inside is quite equipped for the modern age. It has everything from WiFi to solar panels.
This beautiful trailer has a full bathroom, very helpful for long journeys. It also has a king-sized bed, dining table for two and some armchairs. You can be sure you will travel as if you were in your own house. There are latch points to carry kayaks and paddleboards and a beautiful kitchen with stainless steel tops and a marine-grade fridge and freezer. You can customize everything to your liking, from bedsheets to the color of the armchairs. Take a few months off from work and make the dream of your life come true, in style.

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