If tomorrow you’d win $1.5 million and be allowed to spend it solely on awesome stuff, what would it be? Well, you could jumpstart 2018 for you and your friends. Or take them to the ultimate adventure.

Taking a Ford F-750 truck and pump with steroids instead of regular 95 octane gas. Mix up some cool engineering and you get this: the Earthroamer XV-HD. The company building the behemoth isn’t a new kid on the block. They’ve been building monsters like these since 1998.

Earthroamer previous builds were based on the smaller Ford F-550. Now, using the structure of the F-750 as starting point, the XV-HD is bigger, stronger and probably meaner no matter where you look at it from.

The heart of the XV-HD is an all-American V8 Powerstroke engine making 440hp. If the engine was left untouched, you can’t say the same about the rest of the vehicle. Suspension and chassis were reinforced to withstand the extra weight.

Huge 46-inch wheels carry this beast around. Built to survive on its own for a while, Earthroamer XV-HD benefits from a hydraulic winch rated at 30.000-pound, solar panels, a 20.000W Li-Ion battery and large water and fuel tanks.

Even if the outer specs show a lot of roughness, the habitable areas of the XV-HD reveal plenty of refined wood, stainless steel and leather. There’s a full kitchen, bathroom and a similarly awesome sleeping cabin.

Heating is ensured through the floor (like in premium suites) and a Bose surround system enhances the atmosphere.

The Earthroamer is awesome. But it comes at a considerably price that would probably bleed most of us dry even before we could pay for half of it. Believe it or not, there’s a queue of people waiting for it, even at its price.

There’s plenty you could buy with $1.5 million. But how many of those things are as awesome as the Earthroamer XV-HD? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter @hispotion !