Personal submarines have been a dream of kids everywhere for a long time. However, with most being far too expensive or impractical, it’s nearly impossible to achieve said dream. As a result, Hammacher Schlemmer has designed a submersible for those who can’t afford to drop 24 Million plus on a gargantuan machine. Thus was born the Undersea Aqua Hoverer.

This machine is easily maneuverable under the water’s surface. This is thanks in part to the hovering mechanism in the design. But it is worth noting that the article supporting the submarine does not, in fact, tell how deep it can go.

That being said, this two passenger machine is a design that water-avocates will absolutely love. Plus this thing also works over land as well, so its hovering capabilities are quite unique. The hover mode is one that the machine switches into as well, so no need to fear working a ton of different instruments either. At 1.5 Million, it’s still expensive, but not nearly as much so as its far larger cousins!