When you step aboard the Scarlet Lady, you know you’re on Richard Branson’s ship. It departs from Miami and stops in the Bahamas, and it has nine restaurants, six bars, two nightclubs, a food court, an elevated running track, a gym, spa, pool, hot tubs, a casino, video arcade, vinyl record shop, and even an onboard tattoo parlor, as well as stylish cabins with sweeping ocean views and terraces. Moreover, the crew looks better than you, and don’t forget this is a Virgin-branded venture, so there is red everywhere. 

The Roundabout

The Roundabout, the place for activities and relaxation, is the central gathering area, similar to the atrium on other ships. It welcomes the passengers and introduces them to Scarlet Lady-Virgin, presenting all of them with the possibilities they have on this cruise. A magnificent compass light, that varies throughout the day and always points true north, lies at the center of this room. Furthermore, the Roundabout has a wide-open sense to it, with windows on both sides that show the ship’s real width or beam.

The Roundabout
Source: cruise-international.com

The cabins

The interior was designed to be a refuge for their passengers. Over 93 percent of their cruise ship accommodations have a view of the sea. In this way, they have also a place to relax and watch the waves. They realized how vital lighting was to create the optimum mood because of the Virgin Group’s distinctive lighting throughout the airlines. To reflect the various moods of the day, Scarlet Lady cabins have five different lighting settings.

Source: virginholidays.co.uk

Dock House

The Dock House bar was inspired by stories of adventurers sailing across the seven seas. Additionally, this classic travel-inspired space was designed by Roman and Williams from New York, who specialize in interior design. Beautiful brass and cymbal lights also complement the sailing-inspired backdrop of canvas, rope, woods, and blues. Moreover, it’s unmistakably reminiscent of the best seaside bars and cafes in Zanzibar and Ibiza.

Dock House
Source: cruisesonly.com

The rockstar suite & bathroom

The suites are decorated in dark purples, metal, and a light terrace to create a decadent atmosphere. The Massive Suite also includes four electric guitars and amps, ranging from Les Pauls to Fender Strats. They imagined their „sailors”, as Scarlet Lady Virgin referred to its passengers, grabbing a drink from their fully stocked private bar and jumping on the bed while looking out over the ocean and enjoying their incredible vacation at sea.

The rockstar suite
Source: beyondships2.com

It’s all about the sea views for Scarlet Lady-Virgin Voyages. The beds are the star of the suite, set at an angle to maximize the view of the ocean. Moreover, the RockStar bathroom is located behind, and the angle allowed the creation of an ultra-large walk-in shower. It even has a window where the Sailors can gaze out at the sea and watch the waves roll by.

Final Thoughts on the Scarlet Lady-Virgin

These are just a small part of the impressive attractions that you can have on the board of The Scarlet Lady-Virgin. Virgin Voyages wanted to change up the typical cruise experience and they definitely had. This is a unique experience that you should have, trying this luxury life for a short period.

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