For the serious anglers on the water, a simple canoe or kayak isn’t quite enough. At times, you need a beast out there who’s as serious about the sport as you are. If you’re using on a watercraft lately, there’s a solid chance that you’re on a product made by Old Town.

That particular company (being a heavyweight in the industry) is well known for its remarkable designs. As a result, its innovations just get cooler and cooler. However, their newest design is one unlike any other.

The Predator, a new polyethylene and fiberglass kayak is their new design. However, unlike most kayaks, this one has a solid difference. It’s powered with a trolling motor for when you decide to not scare the game away. It’s built in such a way so that it’s all controlled using foot pedals installed in the boat.

Built like an ox, this little machine is heavy as heck, so it’s highly recommended to grab a trailer. If you do decide to pick up this unique machine, you should also know that there’s only one size available. It leaves plenty of room, and the machine is definitely worth it. However, they are quite expensive. But for $2,699.99, it can be yours.

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