The highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled at a live demo event in Los Angeles. The futuristic pickup truck boasts several impressive features, including bulletproof glass. However, during a stunning demo, Elon Musk accidentally broke one of the truck’s windows, much to the surprise of the audience.

Cybertruck’s bulletproof glass? Not so much!

Despite claims of bulletproof glass, the Cybertruck’s windows failed to withstand a metal ball thrown at them during the live demo. Musk explained that the sledgehammer impact on the door might have weakened the glass, leading to the mishap. The second attempt to break another window also ended in the same outcome, leaving the audience wondering about the truck’s durability claims.

Many were quick to note that the incident highlighted the risks of live demos. However, it also brought to question the truck’s safety and durability claims. Despite the setback, the Cybertruck’s innovative design and features continue to intrigue fans and critics alike.

Credit: Google

Elon Musk rocks stunning demo, breaks window

Elon Musk’s demonstration of the Cybertruck’s features was nothing short of breathtaking. The truck’s futuristic design, including its angular shape and stainless-steel exterior, was a sight to behold. Musk also showcased the truck’s impressive capabilities, including its acceleration and off-road performance.

Although the broken window was a minor setback, Musk’s showmanship and enthusiasm were evident throughout the presentation. The incident also added a touch of authenticity to the event, as it showed that even the most innovative products can have their shortcomings. Overall, the Cybertruck’s launch was a resounding success, with thousands of pre-orders within days of its release.

The Tesla Cybertruck’s live demo was a spectacle to behold, despite the unexpected window breakage. The incident only added to the buzz surrounding the truck’s release, with many eagerly anticipating its arrival on the market. Elon Musk’s passion for innovation continues to inspire, and the Cybertruck is yet another example of his vision for the future.

Source: LadBible