There’s less than a week until Dodge will reveal the highly anticipated Demon. In the meantime, since no hellboy should be left running around, Hennessey brought out the Exorcist. And he did it just in time. Obviously, it is aimed to tackle (or run faster in this case) than the Dodge Challenger Demon. At the base, the Exorcist is a Camaro ZL1. Apart from a strong black coating, there’s nothing to set apart this ZL1 from the series model produced by Chevrolet.

However, once you pop the hood, everything changes. The LT4 V8 engine is tuned up to reach a staggering 1000hp. Add that to 966 lb-ft of torque and you have a hell hunting machine. In order to reach these values, Hennessey replaced the supercharger with a more potent unit. Within the engine, a stronger camshaft and long tube headers handle the power given by the tuned ECU.

According to Hennessey, pairing the Exorcist with drag radials will result in a 0-60mph time of under 3 seconds and a 10-second quarter mile. Obviously, Hennessey is willing to provide the radials, but you will have to pay extra.

Unless you already have a Camaro ZL1 to upgrade to Exorcist specs, you will pay $118,000 for the car. And you need to hurry too, as Hennessey will produce only 100 pieces a year. Furthermore, if you are looking to get the automatic gearbox upgraded, you need to dig another $10,000 for it. Check out more details on Hennessey Performance.


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