The McLaren Artura GT4 is a competition-oriented version of the V6-powered coupe sans the hybrid system, and it is getting ready for the track.

It is constructed to G4 specifications utilizing the same McLaren Carbon Lightweight Structure as the street-legal vehicle but with additional power thanks to a twin-turbocharged V6 that goes above what is allowed by GT4 regulation.

Due to restrictions, hybrid vehicles are no longer permitted to compete, and the hybrid system has been abandoned as a result.

The fuel cell was installed in the traditional location for the battery pack by the engineers, making the Artura GT4 286 lbs lighter than the 570S GT4.

The new model offers better visibility, easier access, and egress, and is also more ergonomic. The output of the V6 has not been disclosed, but it is anticipated that the Artura GT4 would weigh around 220 pounds less than the 570S GT4 with a V8 engine.

Bosch’s Motorsport ECU and a seven-speed gearbox manage the V6 in the Artura GT4. With the hood detachable and the rear bodywork detachable without cutting the wing, fixing it is simpler.

The driver’s seat is fixed, and the pedals may be adjusted. Customers can choose to add a passenger seat, a tire pressure monitoring system, and a collision avoidance system as options.

The New Artura GT4 from McLaren debuted in front of the public during the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed. The 2023 season will see the commencement of deliveries.