Yanko Designs never fails to amaze when they unveil their new designs. However, their latest battle machine which they claim is „A Battle-Ready Beast”, is a bit of a stretch. The Basiani, named after the infamous battle, is a machine designed for Urban or Off-road environments. The application makes sense, it’s capacity leaves room for 6 soldiers, and has a rising platform inside the vehicle to lower the men at a moment’s notice. Essentially, it is there to protect the soldiers from gunfire, by lowering them below the sight of the windows.

The effectiveness of this is perplexing, as it seems to be too clunky of an idea to work quickly. The article┬álisted on the site makes no mention of how quickly that works. Nor how you gain access to the gun above. Alongside the Basiani design, which makes it look rather like a lego design, perhaps they’ve hit the line between innovative and unnecessary.

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basiani_01 basiani_02 basiani_03