This might be one of the most innovative ideas in current traveling equipment. As a result of bike thieves and not wanting to sleep on the ground, bikers wanted to have a practical alternative to sleeping away from their ride. In order to help out bikers everywhere, they decided to think out of the box. So they’ve built a tent on top of the bike.

However, innovation brings  some complications. Obviously, being entirely reliant on how they develop the tent is a shaky idea at best. It sits atop the motorcycle in question. But how often do you see bikes fall over in movies and such? So it can be hard to put faith in resting on a bike. However, the makers of said product have stated that so long as the bike is on level ground it would be fine.

A secondary issue is the fact that you need a certain bike. You’ll need a specific bike within a certain number of years to gain the full benefit of the tent. Otherwise, it won’t be okay to use in a situation where you need a place to stay. The final big issue is WHERE you’re using the tent.

On their own website, they state whether its the best idea to be at dinner level for bears and stuff. Consequently, this product is quite an out-of-the-box idea for those looking for camping equipment. However, out-of-the-box does not necessarily mean great. Whether that is the case is yet to be seen as this product is not quite ready at the time of this writing.

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