What makes one Toyota Hilux a Tonka? Maybe, being able to play with it in the sand? Coming from Toyota Australia, the Tonka Hilux is a one-off piece made to resemble a toy car. With the proper camera angles and background, you would swear it’s just a plastic replica. Don’t take me for my word, check the photos for yourself.

The irony is big with this one. Although it looks like a toy, this Hilux emanates nothing but power. The beefed up chassis hides a 2.8 turbocharged diesel engine. This double-cab pickup is equipped with the range-topping trim. Apart from design elements, 35″ off-road wheels and 150mm extra lift were added to the mix.

Tubular side rails and a beefy sump guard are there to protect the chassis. Various elements have been dressed in carbon fiber – also increasing the awesomeness coefficient. Plenty of lights are attached to make sure you’ll see even in pitch dark. Overall, this big boy toy is definitely a piece to check out. The kid inside me cries for a line production. However, I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

Toyota Hilux is Australia’s best selling vehicle in 2016, with no less than 920,000 models sold.


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