On Sunday, German officials issued a recall for 59,000 Teslas after allegedly identifying a “software problem” in the cars.

According to Reuters, the recall affects Tesla models Y and 3, however, it is unknown how many of the 59,000 affected vehicles are registered in Germany. According to the nation’s road traffic administration, the issue affects the car’s capacity to reach emergency personnel in the case of a catastrophic collision.

In a string of technological hiccups for Tesla this year, the recall is only the most recent. Since April, more than 700,000 vehicles from Musk’s firm have been recalled, many of them more than once.

However, the green energy car company is not the only automaker to experience significant recalls. In the middle of May, Ford issued a recall for 350,000 of its automobiles.

The manufacturer said that even when switched off, the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator models from 2021 are prone to catching fire.

“These vehicles may pose a risk of underhood fire, including while the vehicle is parked and off. Ford, which began investigating the issue on March 24, 2022, has not yet established a cause. The incidents are believed to originate in the rear of the engine compartment near the passenger side of the vehicle.” Ford saidĀ  in a statement.

Elon Musk, the company’s CEO, is already having trouble with the software issue after Tesla announced on Saturday that it produced 17.9% fewer electric vehicles in the second quarter than it did in the first, as China’s COVID 19-related closure impacted its supply chain and manufacturing.

Tesla’s new plants in Texas and Berlin, according to Musk, are “losing billions of dollars” as they try to raise production amid a battery shortage and problems with Chinese ports.

Before it could request a recall, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had to enhance its investigation into 830,000 Tesla vehicles equipped with the sophisticated driving assistance system Autopilot.



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