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When you’re a billionaire, it’s hard to compete against your other billionaire friends; custom cars are so 2015. You probably own a private jet, but it sucks it can only land on airports. How about a helicopter that’s packed with technology and comfort features? For $22 million, you can get your Bugatti version of aircraft.

Airbus took their most technologically fed up chopper and modded it into a supersport version of an air vehicle. The base is a H160 helicopter built exclusively from composite materials; its lightweight structure makes it whirl at speeds up to 300 km/h and run for 800 km without refueling. It even features a whisper-quiet mode, reducing the output noise from its engines. Pretty neat when you want to enjoy a quiet dinner up at 6 and a half thousand meters high or when you’re heading back home from a stressful day at your corporate office.

On the inside the Airbus H160 can hold 12 passengers in a leather wrapped environment. Five design companies competed to create the most amazing chopper interior for the VIP area of the Airbus H160. From comfortable seats to at-hand cutting edge technology, it’s all there. Interior can be customized as per buyer’s request.